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Moving your telephone exchange

Time frames

As soon as you know your new address, let us know about your moving plans. This way we can coordinate all activity.

Although in theory BELGIUM TELECOM can move an exchange within 48 hours, it usually takes about one month to ensure a successful move, keeping in mind the time frames of everyone involved.

Whether you have a classic exchange or an IPBX exchange (PABX IP), consider the time required for your operator. This period may vary according to:

  • the technical situation at your new address (available copper wiring, computer and telephone cables inside the building, etc.)
  • the responsiveness of your operator.


Inform us as soon as possible of the date and the address for your new installation.

If you would rather contact your operator yourself, keep us up to date on how things are progressing.

Contact your electricity supplier to transfer your contract.

Have the technical equipment at your new address checked out:

  • by an electrician for wiring
  • by a computer technician for the infrastructure of the internal LAN network
  • by our certified technicians for the Telecoms aspects

If you're considering mobility solutions, it is necessary to take measurements to determine where the DECT and/or WiFi stations will be located.

On the day of the move, we must have access to the premises. A company official must be present on site to meet the different parties and give final instructions, if necessary.

The electricity must be on; computer equipment must be operational. We prefer that furniture already be installed.

Continuity of service: you should be contactable during your move

We will move your exchange the same day you move to your new location, so we can ensure maximum continuity of service.

In case a telephone connection becomes unavailable during the move, we can provide call forwarding to other landlines or GSM.

Keeping telephone numbers

If you are moving within the same geographical region, it is always possible to keep your numbers.

If you are moving to a different region, VoIP SIP technology will allow you to keep your numbers. For example: a 02 (for Brussels) may be reused in the Wavre area (010).

Telecoms costs related to relocation

The costs to consider are:

  • telecoms operator charges
  • electricity company charges
  • any charges for restoring service to telephone and/or computer cables
  • labor costs for moving the exchange from the old address and restoring service at the new address


Updating your telephone exchange because of your move

It is often more cost effective than moving an obsolete exchange.

This is why moving to a new location is the perfect time for the company to review its telephone system and to consider updating it:

  • needs have changed and the existing exchange no longer suits them
  • the team is growing and requires the addition of lines or greater mobility
  • the buildings (extent and configuration of the architecture) affect system operation and business communications
  • the technical infrastructure (structured cabling) of the new building requires the move to IP for both practical and economic reasons
  • a desire to improve client relations requires the installation of innovative services
  • the desire arises to save money by investing in equipment that is more efficient, flexible and sustainable...

Whatever the reason may be, modernizing your telephone system is crucial and not something to be taken lightly.

BELGIUM TELECOM will help you identify your needs and assist you in implementing the solution that works best for you.


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