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A fax server is a program that is installed on the company's computer server that can turn a fax document into a PDF file.

  • This program lets you assign an email address to each dedicated fax number.

For example: the accounting department's fax number is assigned to an accounting department email address. When this service receives a fax, the fax server sends an email with an attachment, a PDF document containing the information in the fax.

  • Each user can install a small piece of software on their PC. They can also send a fax by simply using the "print" feature of the office suite, for example. Instead of sending the document to a printer, the software will ask for the fax number of the recipient.
  • It is possible to create a directory containing all of the company's useful FAX numbers.
  • An email address archive can be created to consolidate all incoming and outgoing faxes. This allows them to be consulted at any time.


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