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Why integrate my GSM devices with the telephone exchange? download

Consolidating all of your numbers including your GSM numbers in the telephone exchange has several advantages:

  • It dispenses you with communicating your GSM number to everyone.
  • This prevents you from being called anytime by unwanted callers. (Useful, for example, while on vacation...)
  • The GSM user no longer has to provide his GSM number but instead his direct business number. This means that the direct number of your work station and your mobile phone are now the same. We call this "one number".
  • You control where the call goes from your office phone or your mobile. This is how you choose if calls go to your office phone, to your home, to your mobile, to your voicemail, to your assistant, etc.). You also set your availability: present, busy, in a meeting, on vacation, etc. This way, you decide where and how your calls arrive.
  • Using your smartphone's 3G or WiFi connection, you have access to free calls from your mobile to the company and vice versa. Your GSM becomes a true office phone. Anyone in the company can see your availability.
  • The MMC software (Mitel Mobile Client) can be installed on all the latest smartphones and offers all the necessary shortcuts for using the features of the telephone exchange.

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Why integrate my GSM devices with the telephone exchange

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