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A reliable and passionate company

BELGIUM TELECOM, helping businesses

For over 30 years, BELGIUM TELECOM has been helping businesses and offering them
the best Telecoms.

Active in Belgium in many professional sectors, BELGIUM TELECOM has
outstanding references.

It owes the quality of its service to its 50 Team Members: a team with a human dimension
with years of experience and continuing education in their areas of expertise.

We are constantly reevaluating what we offer, our prices, our techniques and our services.

Performance telephone systems

Our comprehensive approach allows us to take every aspect of
each situation into account to best fulfill our mission of installation and maintenance of
high performance telephone systems.

We offer complete and flexible solutions, responding to the Telecoms needs of
SMEs and TPEs, especially regarding:

Among these hardware or software solutions, for example:

We work with innovative products and integrate flexible software to ensure
maximum satisfaction for our clients as regards the performance and sustainability of their investments.

Our development laboratory develops custom software. These are conceived with from
"business" point of view and thus optimize the use of the Mitel platform as part of your
business activities.

Personalized advice in choosing an alternative provider
for voice/data/Internet

Our independence allows us to offer the best solution for you,
from traditional telephony to SIP operators.

High quality service

We are developing a culture of excellence, founded on our relationships with our clients and suppliers.

This results in close and effective support during each step of your project.

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