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BELGIUM TELECOM, real added value for your business

Communication has become a major issue in modern society.

Whether you're communicating with clients or between employees, today's businesses must live up to new standards that are often influenced by new ways of working or new business models.

We will help you face the rapid evolution of technology head on, by working with you to identify the most profitable Telecoms investments for your business and putting the ones you choose to work.

Our goals:

Increase your productivity

  • You get the most from your Telecoms installation across all of your sites.
  • You optimize or implement collaborative or mobile solutions.

Maximize your performance

  • You have access to innovative solutions at the forefront of the latest technologies.

You see real savings

  • You make informed choices.
  • You invest wisely, in flexible solutions.
productivity performance savings

BELGIUM TELECOM, values of excellence providing close support

Our values:

A culture of excellence founded on our relationships with our clients and suppliers.

For over 30 years, we have been installing and maintaining telephone exchanges in Belgium.

Our vast experience has helped guide and confirm our current choices:

Our professionalism is evidenced by the outstanding references received from many different sectors.

We are a certified MITEL Silver agent.

A local service for maximum support

As a Belgian SME, we love working for the success of SMEs and TPEs located in Belgium. We know their culture and constraints.

So our expertise is both geographical and cultural. It allows us to better understand the concerns of our clients and to provide efficient and proactive support, in the short and long term.

A personalized approach, at each stage of your project

  • Active listening, to meet all of your needs

Our high quality service starts with listening to our clients.

  • After a comprehensive study, we will work together to determine the needs of your organization.
  • We will discuss the different technical solutions available to you within your budget.
  • We put your short, medium and long term objectives into perspective.
  • We will take the time to explain how each solution works.
  • We will present you with understandable diagrams that we have created.
  • A well-orchestrated system

- At your request, a project manager can create an implementation outline of your chosen solution, which will speed up and facilitate installation on your premises. We can also install with as little stress as possible on your communication channels.

- Led by the project manager, our certified technicians then come and install the new exchange. As well as hands on training, you will then receive simplified user manuals that we have created.

- Depending on your plans, we will organize a personalized training session for a group of users.

  • Reliable maintenance

Our hotline will answer any of your technical or commercial questions.

Via the support contract, our remote programming and diagnostic department can work directly on your installation.

  • Efficient on site response

In addition to immediate care from our remote maintenance center, we respond to emergencies within 4 hours via the support contract.

BELGIUM TELECOM accredited under the Mitel Partner Program





Belgium Telecom listens to its clients


Quality of service: A well-orchestrated system

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