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Mono / Duo

For landline

  • Excellent frequency response for a more natural sound
  • Adjustable headset for all-day comfort
  • Lightweight, stylish and modern design

For PC

  • Adapted specially for Softphones
  • USB connection
  • Answer / end call control
  • Volume control

Mono / Duo

Ultra light

3 models:

  • For landline
  • For PC
  • For PC landline and GSM

Remote electronic pick up with the 5370 and 5380 terminals (digital version or IP version), with a range of up to 100 metres.

  • May be connected with multiple devices to manage your PC and mobile phone calls from a single headset.
  • USB Bluetooth™ mini-adapter attached to the USB port of your PC for immediate connectivity.
  • Improved voice alerts indicating:
    • remaining talk time,
    • connection status,
    • battery lever
    • and mute.