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Analog telephones

Analog telephones that connect to the Mitel MiVoice exchange

Connect your Mitel exchange to the analog landlines you use

DORO landline

Wired or wireless with large keys: devices specially developed for retirement homes or residences, clinics and hospitals, etc.

BOREAL landline
Ideal for a hotel: programmable landline with buttons to easily reach the reception area, the bar, the train station, the airport, etc.
Custom hotel logo printed on the device.

Siemens GIGASET E630 wireless terminal
Shock and dust resistant IP65 mobile phone.
Ideal for covering a range of around 50 meters.

ULTRARANGE wireless terminal
This device is IPX7 waterproof: protection against the effects of immersion up to one meter deep.
Ideal for nurseries and other outdoor professions.
Covers around 50 meters, but this coverage may be expanded with the addition of transponders.


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