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Voice recorders compatible with your Mitel exchange

We offer a range of telephone recorders that connect seamlessly with your Mitel system

The choice will be based primarily on:
  • the type of telephone line that you are using
  • what you are looking to achieve by recording conversations

Recording telephone conversations can be useful in a variety of situations. You choose a recording system to:
  • Monitor service quality or procedural compliance
  • Gather useful information (For example: when taking orders over the phone)
  • Check the content of your phone conversations
  • Clarify exact terms agreed upon over the phone
  • Account for issues that have been addressed over the phone
  • Secure the content of your telephone conversations
  • Easily access and use your content
  • Archive your voice data
  • etc.

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call center: voice recording systems

Various setups exist and adapt to the most diverse work environments

Belrecording Software

  • It is intended for ordering departments, support departments, helpdesk, etc.
  • This software can be installed on any PC equipped with Microsoft OUTLOOK (2010 version at least).
  • Configurable, it allows you to record telephone conversations and to look back on your sound archives.

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Recorder Vidicode Call recorder

  • Ideal for emergency services, firefighters, etc.
  • This recorder connects directly to ISDN telephone lines.
  • There are models for 1, 2, or 4 line ISDN PRA.
  • A piece of software installed on the server allows for the easy retrieval of recorded conversations.

PICO stand alone recorder

  • Ideal for recording from only a few landlines: private, freelancers, small businesses, call centers, etc.
  • This device attaches directly to the landline whose conversations you wish to record.
  • It is also linked to a PC where all recordings are saved.
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