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IP DECT terminals MiVoice 600d for internal mobility

Using the existing cabling structure, we develop comprehensive coverage for your business by installing IP bases at different locations on your premises.

  • We perform a preliminary assessment to determine the ideal locations.
  • The IP Dect bases may be placed outside: parking lots, green spaces.
  • Each IP base provides the hand-over of your own Dect network.

One-number: one telephone number may be assigned to multiple devices, up to 5 terminals.

The Dect IP is ideal for a multi-site mobile network through a VPN IP.

The MiVoice 600d DECT terminals have all of the features of the MiVoice Office 400 system:

  • directory
  • voicemail
  • browser
  • display of caller name and number
  • etc.

IP DECT MiVoice 600d for internal mobility