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Beljournal software

Beljournal, the smart call log

Beljournal software was developed by BELGIUM TELECOM for the MiVoice Office 400 exchange.

It is a program designed primarily for receptionists and telephone helpline services responsible for directing incoming calls.

  • Linked to the telephone exchange, it allows for the incoming call log to be displayed, identifying the name of the caller, when known (encoded in the database of the telephone exchange).
  • In the event of a missed call, the receptionist can identify the person who called and inform you of the missed call and caller.
  • This allows the receptionist to immediately identify the employee who tried to reach a colleague on their mobile phone without leaving their name. Ideal for employees who use the general company number rather than their direct number.
  • Installed on an internal (PC) workstation, it serves as a log tracing the full history of data on calls that have been made or received.


  • Configurable archiving of data (default: going back 15 days)
  • Displays call duration
  • Displays the date and time of the call
  • Filters incoming calls
  • Filters unanswered incoming calls
  • Filters outgoing calls
  • Displays numbers that are either internal or external to the company
  • Consideration of landline numbers and mobile numbers


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Beljournal software mapping call histories