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Beltax software

Traffic analysis software for billing calls

The Beltax software was developed in-house to meet the demands of our TPE or SME clients equipped with a Mitel MiVoice Office 400 exchange.

It is an inexpensive taxation system which is characterized by its ease of implementation and ease of use.

Compatible with the MiVoice Office 400 telephone exchange, it can be used for between 5 and 400 users.

It allows you to be more efficient on many different levels

  • Management:
    - You identify the incoming calls that have not yet been dealt with.
    - You take note of the time it takes for your staff to respond to a call.
    - You monitor outgoing calls; you observe the efficiency of a call center.
  • Management:
    - You control your charges.
    - You verify if the number of lines connected to your exchange suits your particular needs.
    - You can more easily identify where the real costs of your business are found.
  • Marketing:
    - You analyze the returns of a campaign.
  • Billing:
    - You can easily invoice clients for your telephone services: support, e-learning...

Optional modules add functionalities

  • Using an account code: by categorizing incoming and outgoing calls, you see the breakdown of costs by project, by client, etc.
  • The Belwatch license: a report is automatically generated and sent to you at a frequency of your choice (daily/weekly/monthly); you will receive either a PDF or XLS file.
  • ODBC connection to a directory: displays the identity (name) of those who call and those who are being called in the report.

Our Beltax service includes

  • the installation of Beltax software on a dedicated PC
  • the programming of the Beltax software
  • the training of the users
  • the ability to generate 4 basic reports: detailed, summary, standard and billing. (It is also possible to generate personalized reports. These developments are customized on-site).

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BelTax software : inexpensive taxation system



Beltax: software for billing calls