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Telephony Web Portal

Information at your fingertips

The TWP Mitel is a modular tool that centralizes all information using one piece of software:

  • linking with multiple telephone directories,
  • for the availability and use of all employees,
  • the recording of a call log.

When connected to CRM, it allows:

  • direct access to a personalized contact sheet at the time of the call,
  • direct contact search:
    • business, first, last name
    • telephone numbers, fax numbers, emails
    • status of the contact, etc. (up to 15 fields taken from the CRM)

TWP is also a unified communication application through various media:

  • tchat
  • email, sms
  • inviting and holding video or audio conferences
  • document sharing

With TWP, each user can set the automated routing of their calls and messages: depending on their activity, they can be redirected to a collaborator, a voicemail box, a GSM, etc.


 Telephony Web Portal All information at your fingertips

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