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Healthcare sector

The level of discipline imposed by the health care sector is fully met by the Mitel solutions that we offer. These adhere to industry standards and therefore integrate with existing information systems with a focus on sustainability.

Their flexibility meets the varying and ever changing uses of communication in clinics, health centers, medical centers, doctor's offices, residential facilities for disabled persons, daycare centers, elderly residential care, RHN (Rest Homes and Nursing), MSP (psychiatric care), emergency services, or even remote medical care.

There are many professional realities in which life often hangs by a thread. This is why it is necessary to be able to count on a Telecoms infrastructure that is 100% reliable.

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Telecom solutions for the health sector's in Belgium

Increase staff efficiency by establishing a high-performance system

Working collaboratively and communicating effectively are essential to a professional medico-social environment.

The MiVoice Office 400 platform and its unified communications platforms offer a multitude of possibilities:

  • Interactive reception solutions
  • Voicemail, instant messaging and IVR service
  • Integration with the organization's information system (TWP)
  • Wireless connection to a computer (WLAN)
  • Linking with your business applications
  • Sharing applications
  • Compatibility with a wide range of terminals
  • attendance management

The Mitel 400 Hospitality Package also offers a range of features suited to an establishment that makes rooms available (health care, hotels).

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Choose mobility and access to information

Being available at all times and on different terminals is completely possible. Similarly, mobile working no long means being cut off from information...

Here are some answers for health care professionals who might be concerned by the mobility concept:

  • The number one feature allows a single number to be assigned to a maximum of 5 devices
  • Integrating a GSM phone with the telephone exchange gives the user a whole host of benefits
  • Conferencing (videoconferencing) facilitates remote collaboration
  • Document sharing allows remote access of a patient's records
  • Calendar and schedule sharing provides information on staff availability

To provide a safe and comfortable means of support

The safety of the staff and the patient are essential. We provide innovative tools:

  • The MiVoice 632d mobile DECT terminal, using the DATI (Call for Lone Worker Device) feature, detects when the holder has fallen or stopped moving (immobility)
    and triggers an alert
  • SIP video surveillance

Patient comfort with options such as:

  • ergonomic in-room telephone terminal: for example the DORO landline
  • single or multi-user device (device shared by multiple users in a single room)
  • internet access, room service, video conferencing


Ensure information security

Whether your activity spans a single or multiple sites, securing your information is a mandatory strategic priority.

In this regard, we offer solutions that include:

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