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Industry and construction

Safety and production continuity


In industry, ensuring continuity of service is imperative in all work environments, including the most dangerous.

BELGIUM TELECOM offers only the most reliable solutions which meet the current standards for workers and data.



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Telecom solutions for industry and construction in Belgium

Improve the safety and efficiency of your workers while they're on the job

We will advise you in selecting devices that are shock and dust resistant (IP standards) or sealed devices (IPX standards).

For example: the DECT 600c/d line offers features that are specially suited to the safety and performance
demands encountered in industrial environments:

  • The DATI (Lone Worker Call Device) device on the DECT 632d senses and warns others if the user falls or isn't well.
  • Intelligent battery management alerts of the unavailability of the device because it is out of range, or has an empty or faulty battery.
  • Hands free mode and sound quality reduce stress and improve user productivity.
  • This type of telephone uses a dedicated frequency, which eliminates the risk of interference with other radio waves.
  • The backlit keyboard allows for easy and safe usage in a poorly lit location.
  • Particularly shockproof phones.

Team efficiency can be improved by the use of collaborative tools (audio and video conferencing).
This will contribute to a reduction of travel costs in between your various sites.

Facilitate internal staff mobility just like outside your company

We have a range of products available to address worker mobility, both inside and outside the company, including:

Centralize data and profit from your telecoms investments

Justify investments by using a VoIP phone system and SIP terminals

VoIP telephony uses the IT infrastructure already in place to transmit voice data (phone traffic).


Giving mobile workers access to the same features offered on their office phone

The Mitel Mobile Client feature (MMC) provides for:

  • Automatic routing of calls to the most advantageous operator
  • Free VoIP calls from GSM to the company
  • Access to the company directory


Remote management of emails, fax and voice mails

Access your messages using unified messaging solutions via the Web or from a PDA or mobile phone.


Greatly reduce costs of calls to mobile phones

Choose landline-mobile solutions (coupling with GSM gateways).


Free internal calling

Go through the company's WLAN network and call internally with dual mode mobiles (GSM/Wifi).

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