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Non-profit sector

Telecom solutions for the non-profit world


Close to organizations and associations in Belgium, BELGIUM TELECOM can offer above all a multifaceted service with a human touch.

Our experience allows us to provide solutions tailored to the size and various limits of the non-profit sector: medical personnel, social workers, cultural operators and educators.

The importance that we attach to the needs of our clients as well as the flexibility of our solutions make all the difference.



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Telecom solutions for the non-profit sector in Belgium

Offer a high-quality helpline service

Every service dedicated to human well-being owes it to itself to be accessible to their public and to show professionalism.

The helpline is a full-time job. Depending on the needs of your organization, Belgium Telecom can offer solutions:

  • easy to use by employees who may not be used to new technologies
  • high-performing and reliable for service 24/7
  • integration with your existing installation

When installing a new telephone exchange, we take you by the hand and supply you with simple, easy to understand instruction manuals.

Ensure the security and mobility of the teams on the front lines

The proximity of field workers to the public and the "nomadic" component of their mission increases their security needs and access to information.

Together we can design many different mobility solutions:

  • Fixed Mobile Convergence (MMC), DECT IP, Wi-Fi…
  • unified messaging (emails, fax and voice): access all of your messages from a PDA, a mobile phone, or a web interface
  • virtual office: remotely access all of your work documents

The security of solo workers can be ensured in different ways:

  • using DATI (Call for Lone Worker Device)
  • using an intercom (including anti-vandalism)

Improve communication within multidisciplinary teams and multi-site management

Time management and scheduling can become complicated when many employees are involved, let alone when they are working remotely.

TWP (Telephony Web Portal) is a unified communications tool that organizes all of your information from a single piece of software. It enables automatic routing of calls.

Save money by investing in your Telecoms

Opting for a VoIP telephony system allows you to save on communication costs, as well as on fixed costs (subscriptions to operators).

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