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Keep a step ahead of your competitors

Whether your business is nomadic or fixed, more focused on the client relationship or on intensive internal collaboration, the quality of your communications is a major productivity issue.

We offer innovative solutions that meet the various needs of the real estate sector by integrating them with existing infrastructure.

We will help you choose the equipment that will fit perfectly with your infrastructure as well as your project.



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Telecom solutions for the real estate sector in Belgium

Communicate effectively to maintain your brand image

Because your image is paramount and the first impression you make is critical, it is imperative to welcome guests with professional tools.

For example:

  • Integrated voice messaging
  • Integrated directory
  • Interactive local server
  • Communication solutions in real time
  • Solutions for monitoring and reporting

For our clients we have designed customized tools that are compatible with the MiVoice Office 400 Exchange.
The purpose of these software products is to improve your telephone Welcome service.

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Simplify collaboration within your teams

  • Share records, schedules and planning
  • Integration with your business applications
  • Solutions for remote meetings

Be mobile with full access to information

You can't be everywhere at once...but you can maximize your availibility by making sure you can be reached using:

  • The integration of your GSM or smartphone to the telephone exchange.
  • Using the one-number feature: you will receive calls on your GSM even when someone calls your office phone number.
  • Attendance management (TWP): your coworkers know where you are and can get in touch with you or assign you a project close to your site.
  • Installing the Mitel Mobile Client software on your mobile device gives it access to all of the features of the telephone exchange to which it is linked, including the LCR feature which routes telephone calls to the most advantageous operator.

The mobile worker spends a lot of time on the road. At the wheel of a car, it's neither convenient nor legal to take the risk of making a call.

Equip yourself safely and legally to make your travels instances of real professional mobility:

  • The Jabra and Plantronics Bluetooth headsets were designed to maximize your productivity and comfort in all circumstances.

Centralize information and secure buildings

A telephone exchange allows you to centralize the management of your information in different ways:

  • The multi-site management of your telephony: virtual office, voicemail sharing, directories...
  • The TWP (Telephony Web Portal), a unified communications solution which lets you easily share with your contacts by centralizing all means of communication (voice, video, IM, SMS, email, document sharing). It also allows for virtual meetings.
  • CTI integration (Computer Telephony Integration): Integrates your telephony with applications you are using.
  • Manage your intercoms, alarm systems, secure access to your buildings.
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