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Efficiency and client satisfaction are only a phone call away


In your line of work, nurturing each stage of the customer journey to create a lasting relationship with them is your number ONE priority.

This is also true for the customer service at a bank, at an insurance company or at a temp agency, as well as for a store or for legal services.


During your telephone conversations, you are expected to be responsive and efficient. Client satisfaction can therefore in no way be jeopardized by contingencies related to your communications system. In other words, communications with you should be easy and pleasant...

Our solutions are designed to maximize your employee performance through the use of the best and most innovative technologies on the market.



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Telecom solutions for services companies in Belgium

Integrate your business applications with the MiVoice Office 400 Exchange for customized efficiency

The MiVoice Office 400 Exchange has an open standard, which means that it is compatible with all technologies. We can therefore adapt it precisely to fit your business and integrate any business applications you are using.

Guarantee your availability for clients

Never lose a call: with personalized settings, the MiVoice Office 400 platform automatically redirects calls in the event the receptionist is unavailable.

This automation takes effect according to overflows, calendars (Outlook, etc.), attendance and staff availability.

Listen to the client under the best possible conditions

In call centers, help desks and support centers, agents are brought in to provide service for several hours at a time. For them, it is essential to have good working and listening conditions in order to be productive.

We offer headsets:

  • comfortable: designed to be worn all day long
  • effective: suitable for noisy environments
  • compatible with all platforms, technologies (wired, DECT wireless, Bluetooth) and telephony systems

Optimize call management

Computer Telephony integration (CTI)

The CTI solutions help you to avoid mistakes by centralizing data with your data management systems: CRM, ERP, MS Outlook, MS Exchange, etc.

Call Center Supervision software (CCS)

Designed for call centers, it integrates completely with the MiVoice Office 400 Exchange.
It allows you:

  • to create a personalized welcome for each client through routing differentiation:

- according to the geographic and linguistic zone number of the caller
- to the last agent with whom the caller was in contact
- according to the specializations of the agents: products, languages, etc.

  • agents see the call queues and commonly used computer commands through the posting of a banner.
  • supervisors access online and offline reporting of outband and inband calls.
  • easily manage agent attendance and breaks.

Beltax Software

Our Beltax software, developed on site, allows for the billing of calls when you need to keep a record of your phone services for the client.

Belfiche Software

Our customer record software instantly displays the client card when you are called.

Depending on your specific needs and if they are not being met by existing solutions, we can develop customized software just for you.

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Reduce recurring expenses and reap the benefits of your investments

The advantages of VoIP telephony are now a reality. We put our expertise to work for you to calculate profitable investments at your level, in view of your goals.

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Guarantee the security of your information

The security and confidentiality of VoIP communications is guaranteed by an encryption license.

The recording of telephone conversations can be required for different reasons in various situations. Our solutions meet every need.

See our voice recording solutions

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